Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Girl

In an effort to get this thing as up to date as possible, I should probably tell you about my favorite black dog, my baby girl, Harley. (You can guess I didn't name her :) ) I know it's a little weird and creepy, how Nate and I refer to her as our baby, but she truly is. I've had dogs all my life, but have never had a dog like her. She has so much personality, she seems very human sometimes. She dumb as a brick but as cute as can be. She has no idea that labs are NOT lap dogs and she loves everyone whole hearted. I've really learned a lot from her.
We have many names for her: Harley Girl. Black Dog. Bean. Dog Face. Baby Girl. Harley Barley. and most affectionately, Numbnuts.

This is Harley when we first got her. She was so tiny! She's such a moose now! lol She really loved those ducks, but we just can't give her anything stuffed, she chews them to shreds and makes a huge mess.She really loves sticks :)

You can blame her confusion over thinking she's a lap dog on me. She just loves to cuddle. As soon as you sit down she sneaks her way up onto your lap...who can say no to that face??

This is Harley girl more recently. I call this pose: bat dog! You know you wanna sing it...na na na na na na nana BAT DOG!!
Harley upta camp. She wanted to carve a pumpkin too....or eat it!And this is where she spends every moment of every day...looking out the bay window crying to go out and meet new freinds.

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