Sunday, October 25, 2009

Awesome Weekend

Just had an awesome weekend! Friday night Nate and I just kinda hung out a relaxed. Then Saturday we worked around the house and waited around all day for the carpet measuring people, who never came, which was not awesome. But I baked and frosted some Halloween sugar cookies and we went to Nate's parent's for a big dinner with his family. We all had fun decorating the cookies (Which is never as easy as it seems like it would be) Ann makes a very yummy pot roast! Mmmmm Then I spent a nice relaxing day hanging out with Kate doing crafts. Today we made baby onesies, how cute are these?

These are some Halloween ones I made for little Grace:

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  1. love the new blog. How did you get your picture as a header? I cant figure it out if my life depended in it!