Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So I had an awesome night last night. Nate, Harley and I went to my parent's for dinner. We relaxed and ate spaghetti and caught up. I made some very yummy fried ice cream! I'm so proud of myself for trying something a little crazy and not completely boching it! It's so funny to watch Harley and Cooper play. Harley is like eight times bigger than Cooper. (Cooper is a Jack Russell Teri and Harley is a moose) Cooper is such a little spit fire, I call him Scrappy Dappy Doo because he reminds me of Scooby Doo's Nephew Scrappy who was always looking for a fight. He bullies Harley around and steals her bones, it's really funny to watch such a tiny little puppy bully a big black lab around. But it makes me feel good knowing our dog is very patient and slow to anger, that's the kind of dog I want.

This is my family at my dad's 50th birthday party this last July. (That's why he's wearing that funny shirt)

I love spending time with my family. It's funny because when I still lived at home my brother and sister would drive me nuts! We were always at each others throats, but not living with them anymore I really miss them, and cherish the time we get to spend together.

On a different note, I'm off to Portland Plastic and Hand Surgical Associates today. About a year ago I had a freckle develop on the side of my middle finger right by the nail. I went to the dermatologist to have it removed and they called and told me that the margins weren't clear and that I had atypical cells. (Not sure exactly what that means but I know it's not good.) They're sending me to Portland because it's so close to my nail that they don't feel comfortable doing it. So please keep me in mind today and hope that everything gets taken out so it can be in the past! and let's pray I don't pass out (which is very likely!)

Thanks :)

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  1. I feel the very same way about my family now too!!!