Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crazy Christmas Sweater Party

Saturday was the annual Eaton Family Christmas Party, and Nate and I were hosts. We decided this year we would have a theme, and the theme was crazy Christmas sweaters. We spent all day cleaning and literally cooked all day long.

We found our sweaters at Goodwill. I went to the women's section, and Nate the men's. I found like six sweaters and Nate couldn;t find one, so yes, he's wearing a women's sweater....with shoulder pads. You can't tell, but the little red dots on my shirt are actually christmas lights!

Harley had to get in on the action too.

Lastly, "the whip". For a few years now everyone has been regifting this giant gold whip, and every year something new gets added to it. We had it last year, so this year we added whip cream and handcuffs. I love that Nate's family is so dirty! ha ha

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  1. hah I loove the sweaters!!! Steve and I are going to Josh and Maries (Tucci) new years eve party and its an ugly sweater theme!! So excited!!!