Thursday, October 7, 2010

I need more Pumpkins!

So let me first make this clear, in absolutely no way am I ready for this show to be over. I am having so much fun and I love this cast to pieces. But, I am really ready for things to slow down a bit, and to be able to spend more time at home and with family and friends. I owe my poor aunt a phone call from about a month a half ago, I haven't seen Grace in weeks, and my mom is now calling me every other day bribing me to come over with food. "I'm cooking steak tonight"... "I just made a big batch of chicken and broccoli al-fred-oooo!!"

Fall is my most favorite season ever, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, even over Christmas. Although the past few years have been weird. I'm at that stage where I'm kind of over the dressing up and partying myself, and look forward to the day of having my own little ones to dress up to live vicariously through, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :)

I'm really craving some retail therapy: to spruce up my fall/winter collection. I'd really love a nice blazer, to wear with slacks or jeans:


I need a new pair of converse. Mine are grody to say the least. By the way: even though I get heckled all the time; once you go lace-less, you never go back. Laces make me look like I'm wearing clown shoes.And an infinity scarf...I don't know what it is about infinity scarves I find so interesting, but I'm just totally infatuated at the moment...

So after these next couple weekends, I'm going to (hopefully) rejoin society and become a real person again. Apple pies and Halloween decorations here I come!

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