Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who am I again?

Have I pretty much fallen off the face of the planet? Yeah. But hey, that's musical theatre for you. Besides working my two part time jobs, I'm choreographing for Children of Eden at Community Little Theatre, and while dead tired, have been having a blast!! I've gotten to reconnect with old friends, and meet many new ones.

Just to share a little, this is the seldom seen calm, nice choreographer...usually she's a clapping, foot pounding, dance step screaming nightmare! :)

Do you see how not everyone leans the way I'm showing...this is my life! lol just kidding! There is only one trained dancer in the cast, but I bet you'd never know it after watching the show!

Kids love me. I have no idea why...

While I will be very sad when the shows over, and miss all the people who have become like family to me, I will be happy to have some time to myself and to enjoy fall and the holidays! Crafts are calling my name....

'till next time,

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