Monday, November 22, 2010

Crafty Christmas, well under way!

Ok, I'm so behind on blogging this, but the best and I have gotten well under way with our Crafty Christmas! Firstly, we are baking up a storm. Every week we are each baking a huge batch of cookie dough then throwing it in my big chest freezer. Then the week of Christmas, we're going to spend a day baking and making Christmas cookie platters for friends, neighbors, and parties.

We didn't take pictures last week, but we made Eggnog Cookies and Chocolate Crinkles. The Crinkles were to die for. period. end of story, so freaking good. The Eggnog cookies were a little weird. Kate and I both liked them, but my hunnie Nate who's reaping the benefits of our cooking sprees, didn't like it all it. It kind of has that weird spiciness to it. The recipe calls to sprinkle them with nutmeg, but it was a little too much. When we make the big batch we're going to sprinkle with cinnamon instead.

This week we cooked up Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies and All-in-One Cookies, since honestly I lost my recipes and forgot to pick up any ingredients, and I already had everything needed for this recipe. Well it's been going really well...

We mix up huge batches of cookie dough...

Put them in the freezer to harden before putting them in gallon size zip lock bags.

There's a little bit of bowl licking...

And of course we have to test our creations....we decided to try the All-in-One dough as a thumbprint cookie with jam.....putting the jam on the cookie before cooking it...bad idea....

This is the face of failure. It's looking at you.

Spoiler Alert: if you are related to me, stop reading this.

Ok, so on to some of the gifts were making. Kate found a "recipe" for vanilla extract, basically vodka and vanilla beans, and found a site for these cute little bottles:

It's going to take right up until Christmas for this stuff to be ready. In the meantime I'll be designing and label for the bottles.

We've also made ornaments. Here's mine:

Kind of dark and hard to see, but we found some glittery floral stuff and pretty ribbons with glittered monogram letter stickers. Kate's are much more funky:

You can't really tell but that red ribbon is zebra print, and it's awesome! She also made these fun fish crayons! Cool huh?

Until next time,

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