Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Woes

...and the frantic list making has commenced. I used to wonder, as a child, at how adults could be stressed over the holidays. Christmas means hot chocolate, decorating the tree, baking cookies, snow days, candy canes and a big Christmas feast. Now all those things just feel like work. The aweful part is I really do enjoy them, but when you don't have the time to sit back and do them laxadaisily, I begin to feel like I'm doing them because I have to.

I am reminding myself I still have 11 days until Christmas, to finish my shopping, crafts, get (some) decorations up. I know this Christmas will be somewhat of a washout. I should try to take pleasure in that I've done very well past Christmases, hosting parties and making a large percentage of my gifts.

It just stinks always feeling like "oh well, I'll do that next year." You can't go through life waiting for tomorrow to do what you wanted to do today. It's just a sad reality of adulthood, that you won't have the time to do everything you want to.

So I'm going to frantically keep working on my lists, fight off this cold, and hope for the best!

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