Thursday, December 16, 2010

8 days till Christmas, just can't be

So the best and I have been super busy getting ready for the holidays. I got to swing by a new place downtown to try their bubble tea. It wasn't as good as the bubble tea I used to get in Boston, but it was still yummy...
Ok, so one of the first projects we've completed was making coasters. We took a strip of industrial rubber wall base and cut the lip off. Then we cut it into sqares. We printed off pictures of our friends and modge podged them on. I love making modge podge a verb.

We put a couple layers on top of the pictures. This is the stage where I was freaking out, being a modge podge newbie, I panicked that it goes on so foggy. But no fear, it dries nice and clear!

Oh, how we heart modge podge!!

Nate and I FINALLY got our tree. I was crying about it so much, Nate brought home a tree for me, and we spent an evening decorating it. Ain't it puurrrdy?

Lastly, our vanilla was ready to be bottled! We strained it through coffee filters to get any vanilla chunks out.
This ended up taking for-ev-er, so we strained it through a tea steaper.

Then we poured the strained vanilla extract into the little bottles we got. Kate got this funnel at Home Depot on sale for like a dollar....oil...vanilla extract....close enough...

Kate made these cute little bottle labels, you can't tell but they have pink ribbons on them.

In a moment of boredom I decided to make Harley a sticker head...she clearly wasn't happy with me...So I called her more names. "Hey, don't call me a sticker head!"

Oh the simple pleasures...

peace out,

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