Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day in Maine

Well it is, yet another, beautiful stormy day. I look out the window and it's literally a wall of white. Just snow, snow, snow. I'm hoping rehearsal isn't canceled. The training I was supposed to adminster on Tuesday that was caneled because of..oh yea, snow, that was rescheduled for today has been postponed again. Crazy Maine weather!


So I'm just working from home today, doing stuff around the house. It's 11:30 and I already have cabin fever. I'd like to get some shopping done today, but not sure if I should venture out into this or not.....I love this picture. I wish my room looked like this, so cool.

I guess it's an ok day for a snow day, cause I am so sick. uggh. It seems like I'm sick waaay more often than other people. I try to eat healthy, get a normal amount of sleep, but I always get it!

It's just a cold, and I don't actually feel that awful. You know when you get those colds? When your all stuffed up, hacking up a lung, sore throat and voice is all scratchy, but you don't actually feel that bad, so you try to go about your day and your business but everyone you encounter looks at you like you've got the plague. That was my day yesterday, so I figure it's a good day to save the general public the misfortune of having to see what a hot mess I am today.

You know when you were a kid, in the cartoons whenever someone was sick they'd be sneezing, or when they were drunk they had the hiccups. I never understood that. I wasn't drunk as a child all that often, but never got the sneezes when I was sick. Well now, I understand them both. I can not stop sneezing! ha ha I also think you get the hiccups not from being drunk, but from laughing so much while drunk. That's just my experience! :)

Well to finish my random thoughts for the day, I just had to share this picture of my beautiful little sister! Ain't she just gorgeous!!

Have a wonderful, and safe, wintery day!

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