Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome, 2012, so nice to see you.

It's Monday night and Nate, Harley and I are chillin' watching some American Pickers and eating chocolate chip cookies.  Ahhh, nice way to wind down, especially after paying bills which always puts me in an ugly mood.  We spent the weekend in Mass with our friends Black Rob and Diane.  We left on Friday after work and got there in time for game night.  We played Scribblish with the Rea's and their friends Laura and Steve.  It's a pretty funny game, from the makers of Cranium, and was right up my alley.

Saturday, New Year's Eve we hung out most of the day, went and did groceries for the party that night and then had people over for a NYE celebration.  Played a little flip cup, girls won, what else is new, and just hung out.  I can't get over how old I'm getting.  I kept feeling like it was waayyy later than it was.  I'd groggily look over at the clock fully expecting it to be 11:00 and it was like 8:30.  I was counting down the hours to count down the seconds to 2012 and kiss my husband.  By the time that was over I was crashing hard.  The last friends left around 1:30 or 2, I think, I was pretty dead to the world at that point.

Sunday was a day full of fun and just hanging out.  We went to Plymouth, just to walk around.  Looked at Plymouth rock, debated as to whether or not Christopher Columbus was on the Mayflower and walked the entire length of the Plymouth Jetty. (Probably not the most safe in the dark like that, but a beautiful view from out there in the water.)  We had dinner at Olive Garden and came home and played a few hilarious rounds of "who's on my head?" I think it's called Celebrity, but we re-named it.  You write the name of a famous person and switch, then lick it and stick it to your forehead and each person has to guess whose name in on their head.  Fun Tip: we played themed rounds of "music", "cartoon characters" and "notorious bad guys".  I was then, unfortunately, forced into watching a popular short film about a couple of girls and their adventure with a singular cup (you know the one I mean) when I admitted to having never seen it.  Why we didn't make a reaction video is beyond me, we'd have a million hits by now.  So disgusting.

 The view from the Jetty.  Not the best iPhoneography, but you get the idea.

On a less disgusting note, I'd like to share this delicious recepie a friend shared with me.  I tweaked it a little, since I was being cheap, but stil oh-so-good!

Pomegranate White Wine Sangria
  • 1 Pomegranate
  • 1 bottle of white wine (I used a Riesling because it's sweet, and I like sweet)
  • 2 cans of Sprite
  • 5 oz. of Triple Sec
  • Lime slices
Instead of the triple sec, we used Mango flavored vodka because, well, that's what we had and I'm too cheap to buy triple sec.  When my friend Bri made it she froze the lime slices in water in a muffin tin as ice cubes which provided a very nice presentation, but I decided to do this too last minute so I just threw them in there.  That's all you do.  Throw it all together.  We let it sit for a little bit, just to get all good and combined.  Also, who knew the best way to get pomegranate seeds out was to whack it with a wooden spoon?  All this time and excess effort... Oh the beauty of YouTube.  Check out my handsome hubby gettin' all domesticated on ya...

 Later lovelies,

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