Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, I'm getting really into blogging. I really love reading other people's blogs, even when it's just their day to day lives. It makes me feel really connected to humanity in general. (I know that sounds weird) Its cool how you can be looking at friend's blog and then start looking at the blogs that they follow, and all of sudden you are learning about people all across the country and the world. One such blog I can't stop reading is Kelly's Korner I just find her story so inspirational and reading her blog puts me in a good mood! So I picked this up from her blog: tomorrow Nate and I are going to have a date night. Since we are always both so indecisive I decided to borrow this idea from Kelly: when Nate gets home from work tomorrow I'm going to give him three envelopes and have him open one. Inside each of the envelopes is a movie and a restaurant! Here are our possible choices:"Couple's Retreat" and Margarita's

"Law Abiding Citizen" and TGI Friday's

"Paranormal Activity" and Longhorn's

I'm a little nervous about the Paranormal Activity one, but I've heard it's so good! I'm a wicked chicken, but if he picks it, he picks it and I'm telling myself I HAVE to go!! Ha ha! I'll let you know what fate decides!

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  1. I LOVE this idea!!! I am going to do it as soon as we get allowance again!!!! And PS:I Hope you pick Longhorns and PA!!!! Boowahahahaha!!!(Scary laugh)