Friday, October 30, 2009

This is Halloween, everybody make a SCREAM!

So, I LOVE Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday, even before Christmas (but just by a hair). I just love dressing up. But I have a horrible confession to make. It's the day before Halloween, and I don't know what I'm going to dress up as. GASP I know!! I'm like the Queen of Halloween and I don't even have a game plan! So, to get in the mood I thought I would share some of my favorite costumes from the past....Last year, 2008, I was an Indian, Nate was a cowboy of course!
The year before that, 2007, I was a deer. Nate was a hunter. Funny story we went to a party and were on opposite ends of the room, and a guy goes up to Nate and is like "dude...your a hunter! There's a deer here!" Like he thought it was an awesome coincidence!
Same year I also dressed up as Miss Maine to go out with my friends. I thought going as a deer without my hunter might be a little weird..
I think this was 2005, because it was my freshman year at Suffolk, but I dressed up as "Poison Ivy" the villainess from Bat Man. I do love dressing up as a villain rather than the hero
This isn't a Halloween costume, just checking out Humpy Dumpty's Costume for St. Mary's High School's 2009 Production of Alice in Wonderland...he he
Another show, Crystal, Bridget and I as "tarts" from the Scarlett Pimpernell
This was from when I was a banquet server at the Hilton. We dressed up for our company party...and what could be more appropriate than Paris Hilton of course!! ha ha see Tinkerbell on my lap!
And this wasn't for fun at all. This was a job. Yes, I got paid to dress up in costumes. WORST JOB EVER!! ha ha

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  1. I like Dora ...Why don't you just be her again?! HAHAHAHAHAHA