Thursday, November 5, 2009

So it's been a pretty normal week so far. Busy as usual. (Weird Fact: every time I try to type "busy" I always write "busty"..coincidence? I think not! he he) I am sooo looking forward to this weekend to just relax with Nate and Harley girl here and maybe get some Christmas gift crafts going.
Also I am really looking forward to my little vaca coming up. My parents, brother and sister, Bubba, Kara, Nate and I are all going to New York City for Thanksgiving!! Crazy, right? Well I'm super excited, even thought it will be a little weird not to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal with the whole family. I was thinking of making these pie pops from Bakerella for the ride up. Whadda think? I think they look yummy and will get us in the Thanksgiving mood!! :)

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