Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Real quick before I run to work I just wanted to share the Christmas Tree I put together on behalf of my company for the Kora Shriners Feztival of Trees. Every year the Shriners put on a feztival in which local companies donate a fully decorated tree with gifts. Then people who come to the feztival can bid on the trees. Highest bidder wins the fully decorated tree and all the gifts. The money raised goes to the Kora Shriners Children's Hospital, so it's a really nice thing to do around the holidays.

Since Argo Marketing Group is in Direct Response Marketing, I did a DR themed tree: all the gifts are infomercial products, something you can call a 1-800 number to order: I call it "Deck the Halls with Direct Response"

Some of the gifts were the Magic Bullet, PedEgg, Oxy Clean, Sham WOW, the Slap Chop, Snuggie, Strap Perfect, Space Bags, and Mighty Mendit...just to name a few!

I did the tree all in teal and silver, thinking that would be a more unique color, but another tree had the same exact colors, AND the same tree topper!! ahhh! ha ha (I liked mine better anyways)

Check out that pink tree behind our, I thought that was really cute. A big THANK YOU to Kate for coming over and helping me decorate the tree. No one from my company would come and help me, so I had to call in reinforcements. ha ha

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