Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Sweater Koozie

So this is a difficult blog to write for the following reason:
Had a minor finger surgery day before yesterday. I had a spot develop on my finger and when they biopsied it they found atypical cells and the margins weren't clear. So I had to go see a hand surgeon in Portland to have more of the skin removed. Wasn't the most fun I've ever had, and it hurt like a Mo-Fo but I'm fine, just trying to figure out how to function with this club finger. lol

On another note: check out the awesome Koozies Nate and I made as invitations for our Crazy Christmas Sweater Party:

Water Resistant Foam*
Decorations: pom poms, buttons, etc
Spray Glue
Exacto knife and good scissors

*we found our foam at a fabric warehouse and it's acctually used in the interior cars but it worked perfectly

We bought a shirt shaped koozie at the dollar store and took it apart to trace it....Nate did pretty much everything since I'm temporarily handicapped....
"Hey guys, whadda ya doin?

Then we spray glued the fabric to the foam and cut them out.....

Harley is no longer interested in craft night....

Sewed some pom poms on to make them extra kookie and sewed up the sides and here they are! So Cute!! I love them. We are going to put them on a bottle of Holiday Ale with a little tag inviting them to the party and drop them in everyone's mail boxes. I'm very excited!

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  1. Those are very cute Christmas themed koozie I've seen. Though Harley seemed bored a few hours later while you are making those koozies.