Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti in my Heart

So I know this is all anyone is talking about lately, but Haiti has really been weighing on my mind. Just the other day I was sitting at work, wishing I was somewhere else, really just whining and complaining. And then a news brief about Haiti popped up, and all of sudden it hit me: I am a spoiled little brat who acts like the world revolves around her. How dare I have the audacity to complain about such trivial things, when there are people in the world experiencing the most profound suffering and grief! I have a delicious meal on the table every night, Nate turns up the heat when I whimper that I'm cold, I have my family here around to support me and love me, and my family will grow twice as large in my upcoming nuptials. I have everything I could ask for, yet I was sitting there crying like a little brat! I immediately prayed for forgiveness, at the same time, thanking God for reminding me that it's not always about me, and that no matter what, there is always someone carrying a heavier cross than my own.

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  1. Totally agree girlie. Sometimes we just need to sit down and remember what we have and appreciate it!

    Ps Did you here? Im moving back!!! Im sure Ill be seein ya around!