Monday, January 25, 2010

This weekend was a very nice, quiet weekend for us. I got to spend Friday with Kate eating too many cookies and watching "Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging", the movie version of a book we read as kids which was very funny. It's always nice to get some quiet one on one time with your bestest. :)

Saturday Nate and I worked around the house, went and saw his little brother play basketball and went out for dinner. Matt's basketball game was hilarious, because they are really still too young to play the game correctly, so it's kind of a free for all! ha ha I really cherish time Nate and I get to do things just the two of us. It seems like we're always so busy, and I know in a few years we won't be alone anymore ;) so I'm cherishing the time we spend alone while we've got it!

Sunday, Kate was supposed to go see Inspecting Carol with me, but her nephew J.R. decided to make his appearance that day, so my good friend Danielle filled in last minute.

Inspecting Carol starred one of my very closest theater friends, Mitch, and it was a great laugh. Very funny play based on Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol. Lots of fun!!

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