Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Changes for Me!

So I'm making a pretty drastic life change. I am leaving my job at Argo to work for Community Little Theater in Auburn. It means I'm taking a big pay cut, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do what I do, and do it for the theater, which is such a huge passion of mine. I'll get to immerse myself in a culture filled with incredibly gifted actors, and directors and productions teams. I can listen to show tunes in the background at work ALL DAY and no one will complain or look at me funny! I think it's going to be just great!

Community Little Theatre
I'm really nervous about all this change though. It's going to be new, crazy hours. I'm going to have to work another part time job to pay the bills. I won't have the steady paycheck I'm used to, but you know what.....

I'm smart enough, and brave enough, and talented enough to do this!

Wish me luck! (Also, if you'd like to pay me to throw your parties or events, or buy my crafts or something so I can eat that would be cool too!!) Kay, thanks!

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