Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Picking up Momentum

So I can finally breathe again! It’s crazy just how busy life can get, but now that the show at St. Dom’s is over and I have finally started to settle into my new (part time) job life is feeling a little more grounded. This past Memorial Day weekend Nate and I went upta camp. We had a great time, it’s always nice to spend time with family and Rob and Diane, and it was making me even more excited for our wedding! The weather was so beautiful; it was easy to visualize us standing there at pride rock saying “I do”. So besides Harley getting a hold of a chicken bone and ralfing all over the couch in the middle of the night, it was a great weekend.

I wanted to share some of the projects Nate and I have going on. Nate’s getting back into building his hallway mirrors. Ain’t it purdy?

He's making these to sell, so if you want one let me know!! :) We are also making them with chalkboards instead of a mirror and a variety of colors and finishes.
I don't think you read my blog, but if your name begins with a K and ends with aylee, stop right here!

My old friend Kaylee has a baby shower coming up so I've been working on some things for her. When we were in middle school she Kate and I would watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail and thought it was just the funniest movie of all time. So Kate and I are making her a little MP&THG gag gifts along with a "real" one. Here's the first gag onsie....

And some burp cloths I've been busting out. The pink and brown ones are for Kaylee and she's making Riley's nursery all pink and brown, so cute! The others I'm thinking of putting on Etsy. Would you buy a cute homemade burp cloth?
Lastly, our upta camp finds! We took the four wheelers down the road to go look at the old school house that had collapsed this winter. A couple years ago, Kate, Jason, Rob, Diane, Nate and I had taken a little trip down the school house to investigate. At that time it was still standing. We took some old bottles, but inside there was the most beautiful old cast iron cook top wood stove. I wanted it so bad, but it probably weighed a ton. Well, the room collapsed on the building this winter, which is just so sad, and the wood stove was a casualty. (Yes, you can break cast iron, with enough force it cracks). But we did steal these old windows!

Not sure what to do with them, but something will come to me!

We also found this little side table in the attic of the garage upta camp. There's also a beautiful old rocker up there I want to steal. :)

And, Nate found this "tool box" and I immediately said I bet I could make something out of that! lol not sure what, I'm thinking a planter, but we'll see.

Problem is, I am so sick today!! Uhhg!! I went to bed with a sore throat and a pounding headache and it only was worse when I woke up. So besides going to work I'm going to take it easy today, these projects will just have to wait....

Keep on Keepin' on,

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