Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Makes me Tick

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner has asked who or what are your favorite things? Here ya go:

1. My wonderful, handsome loving fiance Nate and our big lug of a black dog Harley Girl :)
2. IDK, my BFF Kate?
3. My Family, especially these two
4. Sushi...mmm
5. Christmas Time

6. Comfy Sweatpants

7. Dancing

7. Did I mention this nut?

8. Summertime

9. movies

10. Being Upta camp and spending time with the people I love...

The End,


  1. PS number ass like that would make me tick too lol just for the record.

  2. Speaking of UPTA we should do it again us three couples...If we can plan a weekend in August..ahhemm perhaps around your wedding date so we can see exactly what it will be like (INSIDE EXCITED SCREAM) then I can get it off...Oh and you make me tick too Bestie!!! MUCH LOVE