Monday, August 30, 2010


So the past couple of nights, I have been having the weirdest dreams. I sleep like a rock, which is not like me, but I have such strange and frightening dreams, I wake up feeling awful. The night before last I was dreaming about zombies...eating people, naturally. It was that weird, it's like I'm watching a movie, kind of dream. Like I'm walking around and people see me, but no one interacts with me. So I'm walking around literally watching people eat other people. Ew.

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The zombies in my dream were not this pretty, I just didn't want to scare ya. :) Then last night, I'm dreaming of sharks, jumping out of their tanks and, guess what, eating people. Great. This one was just as terrible. Cause they don't just chomp them down and be done with it, they like chew them. That's all I'm going to say. Ick.

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Dream dictionary tells me that, in dreams where people are being eaten alive, it represents that you feel some aspect of your life (such as work) is consuming you. Indeed, this may be true. Nate and I have both been working way too much. And there's no real end in sight to it, which is a little disheartening. But hey, that's why I finally went to the beach yesterday! Wahooo!

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I hadn't been to the beach in well over two years, and it was so nice! :) It's probably because Nate hates the beach. He doesn't like the sand, doesn't like swimming in the ocean: me, I love it! I went with my mom, sister and her friend. The three of us girls went right into the ocean, and it was freezing! But awesome! Got my bottoms pulled down by a wave a couple times, but it is so nice to swim in the ocean.

Now that I've been to the beach, I can welcome fall with happy and open arms. (though with this 90+ degree weather this week it will hardly feel like the beginning of September!!)

Have a good one,

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