Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday's the Day

Well, not the day exactly, but I am going wedding dress shopping on Sunday. Oh My! I feel like a terrible bride, woman, person for having a more overwhelming feeling of dread than I do of excitement. Is that very terrible? I'm just overwhelmed, and nervous. There's so much pressure to make everything perfect. I don't do pressure well. Anyways, here's what I'm thinking. I know I want something relaxed. The theme is a woodland wedding, so obviously not too sparkly, glittery or formal. I think I don't want strapless, only for my general lack of girth in the bosom area. Strapless always fall down on me.

I'm kinda liking the lace thing:

Kind of love this one, though I want my hair down. Will having an interesting back on my dress force me to wear it up?
image loading

Not the dress, I just love this shot! ha ha how did she get up there?!

I'm not crazy about this dress as a whole, but I like the cutout, or low backs.

Pronovias Nacar

I'm just excited to try dresses on and learn what I like and don't like and have my family and friends there for support. :)

Wish me luck!

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