Monday, February 21, 2011

Not the best start to our week.

I have leanred a few important lessons this weekend. Let's turn negatives into learning experiences, shall we?...

1. BJ's gas pumps do not have automatic shut offs. So if you're not paying attention while you pump your $3.16/gallon gas, you will waste $3.16 by having a ton of it pour back out onto the pavement. (Bonus: pay attention to the coupons as you enter. If you just run in to grab some laundry detergent, and just happen to buy the brand for which there was a coupon for, the employee at the exit who hole punches your receipt will make you feel like a dummy for having wasted $3. No worries though, you've already wastes that on gas on ground.)

2. People who run red lights are a-holes. They are a-holes because, generally, they are not the ones who get in an accident. The one's who get in an accident are the poor fool driving behind him, on his way to hosipital, having the worst week of his life, half asleep and not paying attention, following you through that red light....and my finance. Thanks red light runner. You're an a-hole.


3. Dirty furnaces use more oil than clean furnaces. When you don't have your furnace cleaned, it can use over 100 gallons in a month, with the heat kept down all the time. When this happens, and you wake up to a freezing cold house with no heat or hot water, you have to wash your hair in the tub with pots of hot water. (Bonus: don't bring said pots of hot water to a boil. Scalp burns are no walk in the park.)

Here's hoping to a better rest of the week...

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  1. I am sending you positive energy for a better half of the week!!!