Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I am a squishy peice of clay.

I am a squishy peice of clay. Soft dough, a blank canvas, an empty page and I'm not afraid to say it. And furthermore, I want to stay that way.

In reflecting on myself, my strengths and weaknesses I often find myself saying "I'm a social chameleon! I can blend into my environment and get along with most anyone." Then rescinding on that like it's a bad thing. Who wants to admit they change themselves to suit those around them? That just makes you seem like you don't have a personality of your own, or that you don't stand for anything.


But that's not what I mean. I mean that I am pliable. I miss being in school, because I love learning. I love learning most anything. I love the challenge of not knowing how to do something, and spending time working on it until I do. What a satisfying feeling.

Why is it then, in the employment world, I never stop hearing "experience". You need more experience, don't have enough experience, experience, experience, experience. Gah! It's making me crazy. How shortsighted is such a comment? I find a blank canvas, unmolded clay to have so much more potential, so much more value than something already created. I'm not saying you should paint over a Monet, but come on, how many Monet's come your way. A Bob Ross maybe, some local painter who is pretty good, sure. But why settle for something already established and "ok". Wouldn't you rather the soft squishy clay you can mold to your liking? Furthermore, where's the value on passion, on energy, on creativity. These values seem to have gone out the window. All my life I thought they counted for something, and I'm not getting that feeling these days.

I'm just getting pretty tired of trying to fit myself into such narrow molds. Who wants to say they are done shaping themselves anyway? If you've no room left to grow and reshape yourself, whats the point of that? If your not growing and moving and learning, what's the point of living, because that's not living.

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." Albert Einstein

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  1. I love you exactly how you are. Squishy and all :)xoxo