Monday, July 11, 2011

Post-4th Catch Up

So it's been a super busy couple of weeks, last week with Monday off, just flew by.  We had an awesome 4th of July weekend.  Saturday morning Nate worked while I got some housework done, then we both got wedding stuff done and went to camp for the evening.  Sunday (the 3rd) we celebrated the 4th, just because it was easier for everyone.  I look forward to that lobster all year long...mmmm.....  Then Monday, on the 4th, I went to the beach with Kate her sister, mom, mom-in-law and sister-in-law and her two boys.  Her oldest, Ethan, just wanted to be in the water the whole time.  I have to admit, I didn't really mind it, I love swimming in the ocean.

But man were those waves strong! That's Ethan laughing at the three of us getting knocked around...

And then Kate and I laugh when Chrissy gets taken out by a wave.  Don't worry, like 2 seconds later we got taken out too...

Kate and I built a sandcastle.  It was fun to do all that fun kid beach stuff you never get to do.  I can't wait to have kids just to be able to play with them and not seem like the freak adult playing by myself. :)

Last night we went down to camp and Harley had a blast.  She just loves to swim.  She jumps right off the dock, it's hilarious.  We took her for a boat ride for the first time, not knowing how she'd like, but she loved that too.  She liked to stand right at the front with her ears flapping in the wind, pretty funny.  She also was digging under water, I've never seen a dog do that.  She hold her breath, sticks her head under water and digs for rocks.  She can hold her breath a pretty long time.  Such a weirdo.

In other news Nate's little sister Kristen is engaged! Her boyfriend, now fiance, asked Nate for his blessing last weekend after the 4th party, and asked Kristen last Saturday.  I'm so so so excited for her!! I'll have lots of wedding plan wisdom to bestow. :)

Later dudes,

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