Monday, July 18, 2011

Thanks of the Week: Mechuwana, Green Shoes and the Lake

A little late thanks-of-the-week:  

This week I'm thankful for Camp Mechuwana's Music Theatre Camp.  My mom, sister, brother, grandfather, godmother, and cousins were all there this week.  It's really always been a family affair.  I have so many fond memories of camp. They performed "Sardines and Biscuits" this year, the show I performed my senior year at camp.  I played Joan Rivers.  This year the role was played by a boy.  So funny.

Learning how to "take a chill pill", as they say, is a work in progress for me.  I am proud of myself for being more aware of my stress level and taking time to just to breathe and enjoy myself.  Amidst all this wedding planning and working two jobs and just being uber busy, per usual, it's tres important to take a minute for yourself every now and then, and induldge in a mid-afternoon pick me up: an organge soda float, as I did today. :)
 My camera is seriously lame, but my green wedding shoes came in. Be still my heart....

The Lake
I just love going to the lake.  Harley loves to swim, and though I'm no mermaid (as much as I might wish I were) cooling off with a dip in the lake is so nice.  I'm loving that my husband to be has a go to lake camp, nice when it's as hot as it has been lately.

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