Friday, July 29, 2011

Thanks of the Week: Busy Days, Bachelor(ette) Parties and Booze

It's been a crazy busy couple, weeks...well, months.  haha.  Even with all life's craziness, you gotta take time to stop, look around you, and remember all you've got.  Here's what I've got:

1.  Being busy and working hard.  Much of the time being really really busy makes me into a stressed out, angry monster.  Lately, I've been ready to cry, and scream and pull my hair out with how much I have going on, but it's not bringing me down - and I think it's because even though I'm insanely busy, it's all for good reason.  I'm juggling two part time jobs, but am happy with my work at both of them.  There's a lot to do and a lot of meetings and timelines and proverbial balls to keep in the air, but I'm happy to have these jobs and be doing this work, so it doesn't really get me down.  The wedding is really what's throwing me the curve ball.  I'd be contently busy with just my professional work, but nooo, I've got to plan a wedding on top it.  Every night of the week is being planned and filled with wedding to-do's.  Yet again, I don't get upset about it.  Would I rather watch "How I met your Mother" and stuff my face with ice cream when I get home from such busy days? Yea, but I'm only this busy because I'm about to marry my best friend and man of my dreams, so I can't complain, I'm so blessed.

2. Wine.  For the afformentioned reasons, I've been drinking a lot more lately than I usually do.  Which, let's be honest, there's much worse things I could pick up and it helps me sleep at night, so get off my back! Where's my wine...

3. This picture.  It just makes me laugh. :)

4.  Bachelor(ette) Parties.  Nate's bachelor party is this weekend.  He so deserves some time to relax and just hang out with his buddies.  Do I have "The Hangover" fears running through my mind? Yeap.  Listen Boys: as long as you bring him home with all his teeth, no wild animals, tattoos or black eyes, I'll be happy.  My Bachelorette party is the weekend following.  I already know we're going to have some girl camping time and I'm so pumped.  I think I'll still be making lists and planning, but hopefully I can relax...just a little.

Now back to work! Be blessed my friends <3

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