Monday, September 12, 2011

Softball Tournaments and Gender Revelations

What an awesome, busy, crazy, beautiful weekend we have had.  Friday night Nate and I both got home fron work around 6:00.  We both crashed on the couch and kicked our feet up doing the usual "Don't you want to cook dinner tonight, hunny? Oh no, you make dinner better, you should do it." game.  Nate got up to grab the mail and found a wedding card from the Thomas family with a gift card for Margarita's.  Halleluiah for not having to cook! haha, that taco salad and prickly pear margarita were sooo goooood :)

We did some groceries that night and got all ready for the softball tournament on Saturday.  Nate, his cousins Devan and Brandon and team played while Aunt Jeannette, Brandon's girlfriend Bri and myself cheered them on.  They won the first game and lost the second two, but all in all it was a very fun day.

Besides the major facial sun burn. Case in point:

Later that evening we had Kate and Jason's Gender Reveal Party.  We got to find out if we are having another God-Daughter, Carley, or a God-Son, Jack.  I made T-shirts for Nate and I with blue gummy bears on them.  (Yes, those are gummy bears, not blobs.)  We decided to guess boy, just because everyone else was saying girl.  I thought we were going to be totally wrong, but....
They are having a boy!  Baby Jack!  I am so excited for them! It was so fun to catch up with everyone and chat with the girls (Chrissy, Nicolle, Justine, and Meg).

Sunday we laid pretty low and kicked back.  I wasn't feeling so hot, so it was nice to relax a bit.  Back to grindstone on Monday, you know.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend as well...


  1. Always love reading your posts. I've been trying to get in to keeping up with mine..check it out sometime if you're interested :)

  2. Thanks Meg!! I just subscribed to your as well. I love your layout and fonts!