Thursday, September 22, 2011

You don't have to Like them, but you do have to Love them.

It's been a busy week so far.  I am so looking forward to tomorrow night and celebrating Brandon's birthday in Portland! I've got a busy, packed day Saturday and hopefully some chill time with football, friends, and good food on Sunday.  Last Sunday night we had Kate, Jason (and Jack!) over for a fire in our new fire-pit in the backyard and some apple crisp.  Well, it was supposed to be apple pie, but Hannaford had literally no pie crusts left.  There's like 3 different brands of them and they were all gone.  They were all out of Hannaford's brand chili powder as well, so I had to buy the more expensive name brand.  I guess it's fall and time for pies, chilis and stews! mmmmm We "settled" for the apple crisp and vanilla bean ice cream.

This week has been very busy with work as well.  I'm on my last two weeks at Encompass while transitioning over to full time with Lewiston Auburn Magazine.  The magazine has recently relocated to a newly renovated space on Lisbon Street.  Here's the LA Mag team cutting the ribbon!  We're sharing the space with Captive Elements Art House, which is of course, right up my alley as well.  The folks at Captive hold art nights where everyone gets together to hang out and make art.  I'm really looking forward to getting more involved.  Ever since High School I've complained that I stopped painting, I stopped dancing, I stopped acting.  I stopped doing all those things I love and that bring me peace and serenity.  Hopefully I can get back into some of things!

So on a less uplifting note, I just can't get Jamey Rodemeyer off my mind.  Nate and I were watching the news last night and learned of his suicide due to bullying.  I watched his "It Gets Better" video and it just breaks my heart.  We started talking about it, especially if we want to have children.  It terrifies me to bring children into this world that they might have to be subject to such cruelty and hatred.  The thing that's terrible is that I said "if our kid were being bullied like that I would call that bully's parents!" but the reality is, if a kid in high school is behaving that way, they have most likely been behaving that way all their lives, therefor their parents are either feeding into and supporting that behavior or refuse to admit it and choose to remain ignorant to it.  I'm not sure which is worse. 

Rodemeyer mentions Lady Gaga a lot in his video and is set to be buried in his "Born This Way" T-shirt.  Nate and I always fight about Lady Gaga.  He thinks she's a freak.  She's a little too dramatic, even for me, but I always defend her artistic choices.  I like to remind him that he listens to (and likes) Jason Aldean's song "Dirt Road Anthem" of which lyrics include "we like cornbread and biscuits, and if it's broke round here we fix it".  Not exactly a lyrical mastermind if you ask me.  He couldn't even come up with another non-starch food product? Really? I still hold to my argument that Lady Gaga is the Jimi Hendrix of our time, as far as dramatics and pushing the artistic limits are concerned.  And today, I hold even more respect for her for what she does to support those who are different.  She marches to the beat of her own drummer and stands as role model for others to do the same.  She was an inspiration for Jamey Rodemeyer, though she alone wasn't enough.  There's has to be justice for kids like Jamey.  Bullying has to be taken more seriously.  There's silly teasing, which every kid partakes in, and then there is hateful, heartless, lethal bullying.  There is no grey line between the two.  No one deserves to be treated that way, not even the bullies themselves.  My mother always said "You don't have to Like them, but you do have to Love them" because every human being is deserving of our love, tolerance, acceptance and understanding.

Much Love,

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